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Hi! I’m Kathryn and I’m an eCourse and Passive Income Strategist and Mentor. I help passionate women create flexible, creative and abundant businesses (and lives) through leveraged passive income using your existing skills and knowledge – most of all I  help you create your version of freedom! Read More…

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  • Kristy_Goodwin_Testimonial

    I had the privilege of having a personal e-course strategy session with Kathryn. This action-packed session allowed me to clarify my thinking about my planned e-course and guided the future development of my e-course. Kathryn proposed a host of suggestions and ideas related to developing, delivering and marketing my e-course that were pertinent to my business. The highlight of my session was Kathryn's simple solution to a question that I had been agonising over for weeks. I highly recommend Kathryn's services and e-courses to other Entrepreneurs

    - Kristy Goodwin. Every Chance to Learn -

  • RCHS_10aSM

    You succeeded in making me feel good about what I was doing.  That things were going to be ok.  That success was mine for the taking as long as I just kept walking forward.  I don’t feel so alone anymore because I know you are there.  That an honest expert opinion is only a phone call away. After spending the day with Kathryn I felt like I had vision.  I knew exactly what I needed to do next, in what order and within what time frame.  After a day with Kathryn I felt like I had taken 3 or 4 giant leaps.  I am so much closer to my goals. Kathryn cares, you can trust her to do what’s in the best interest of you.  She delivers what she promises.  She gives honest advice.  She is a very talented lady with so much knowledge to pass on to other business owners.  She clearly has a gift for training other people.  

    Jasmine, Fellow Certified Practising Accountant (FCPA) and registered tax agent

  • Ebony Jayne Photography (50 of 67)

    Kath spent time with me helping me ‘start again’ with regards to how my business was running.  My business had an organic growth with no real direction, objectives or goals set and I was now needing to go back to basics to decide if this was where I really wanted to spend my energy. My time with Kath made me focus on what I needed to achieve and really helped me decipher my business goals and take small steps to create the business of my dreams.  I would never have thought about going to a career coach before, but after spending time with Kath I’ll definitely consider getting help from her again when I come to another cross roads in my career.  

    Jenny Hassam, Rhetoric Communications

  • emma hannan

    Kathryn is professional, encouraging and she knows her stuff. After just one session with her I made more progress in a week than I had in two months. She gave me the tools and the clarity I needed to move out of procrastination and just get it done. Within one month I had made the cost of her coaching back in additional revenue from her suggestions. My goal is to build my businesses around my family and my desired lifestyle. Kathryn has been a big part of me finally pulling all the pieces together and turning this goal into a reality. I am excited to continue to work with her as I launch my first e-courses and continue to automate both of my businesses.  

    Emma Hannan

  • Melanie Testimonial Photo

    “When I first started working with Kathryn I knew I wanted to start my own business but being a multi passionate person, I was confused and lacked direction and clarity.  In only a few months, I had my own website, a fast growing social media following and so much more focus in terms of what direction I wanted to take my business in.  I feel like I’m getting closer to my dreams daily which would not have been possible without the help of Kathryn’s life and business coaching.  Her vast business experience and social media expertise is invaluable and her encouraging and supportive style leaves me feeling inspired and ready to conquer the world after each session. Kathryn’s unwavering support has helped me crush my self doubts, reach my full potential and has given me a lot more self confidence in my daily life.”

    Melanie Krestan


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